Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Caitlin's dr appt

Caitlin had her 1 yr. doctor appointment yesterday. She weighted 16lbs 12oz and is 27 3/4 inches long. Her head is 17 3/4 inches around. So she's still a tiny little girl. In fact, she's only gained a few oz since her last visit and the dr kept asking me if I was feeding her solids. So she is now on a high fat diet and they will be doing some tests at her 15 month visit if she hasn't gained any more weight by then. I told him that my mom was 4'11 and that I had been painfully thin growing up. He said he wasn't concerned this time, but would be next time if she still hadn't gained weight. She wasn't crazy about the visit due to the finger pokes and shots, but other than lack of weight gain is a healthy little girl.
Last night proved to Jon and I why our little girl isn't gaining weight. We gave her macaroni and cheese and broccoli. She ate a few bites of the mac & cheese and then ate all of the broccoli and asked for more. What normal child likes broccoli better than cheese. =) One of her favorite fruits is bananas, but I found out the other day that grapefruit is a close 2nd. She ate an entire grapefruit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tima,

Not to worry! Laura weighed 18# at 1 year of age. I just looked it up in her baby book.


Torry said...

Abby was the same way, Tima. Honestly I think they aren't happy unless they can find something to pick on them about. :) I wish I hadn't listened to their advice on how to get her to gain weight... chocolate milk, pediasure, butter on everything. She then didn't want to eat at all... just take everything in liquid form. Oh and did i mention that she didn't gain a pound? My mother in law once told me not to worry as long as she's meeting her developmental milestones. I listened the last two kids! ;) She is now a happy very smart 60 pound 11 year old. I always had to laugh because according to them, Abby was too skinny, Amelia too fat, Marshall didn't talk enough and I probably talked too much. LOL!