Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More Thanksgiving Fun

We had so much fun Thanksgiving week. My cousin Greg is a fireman and had Dominic come to his station to take a tour. Dominic became shy while at the station, but couldn't stop talking about it later.We went to the Kid's Museum in Chattanooga on Friday. None of us wanted to brave the shopping crowds. It wasn't as crowded as we'd expected and we all had a ton of fun.Dominic was so "helpful" to this poor kid building an addition onto the house. Dominic would bring a piece and put it down and the kid would wait until Dominic wasn't looking to move the piece.We finally found a bike that was just Caitlin's size.If you pressed the button on these instruments they would all play a part of a song. Caitlin loved the music and was dancing in her stroller. So at one time we were all standing there with all of the buttons pushed so she could dance. Ah! The things one will do for a child.
Dominic, very seriously and professionally, checked me into the doctors office. When I looked at the paper he'd written down random letters that he knew. Very cute!
Caitlin playing with Gramps.
Looking for pirates with Grammy.

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