Friday, November 27, 2009

Calling for Help!!!

Caitlin has fallen in love with a little bear that a family member gave us. She won't sleep with out it and I'm hoping that someone can locate another one for me. Unfortunately the family member doesn't remember where they purchased it and we only have a few stores in our little town, none of which carry this bear. I remember the tag saying something about it being made of recycled plastic or bottles.
Caitlin loves her little bear and we would love to have a replacement in case we lose it.


littlelady said...

from what I can find out its a Walmart collectable. they only sell this brand through Walmart. :) luv ya! btw I check your site often cuz i love reading about you and the kids! Linda Shin

Kim said...

Hi Tima,

Looks like the bear is made by Dan Dee international. they supply to walmart,sears,crakerbarrel,lowes...the list goes on. I found a contact that might be able to locate the bear or give you information needed. Might be good to send her the picture with it....can't hurt! The address is: