Monday, November 9, 2009

Talking to Jesus

This morning right before we left the house Dominic brought me a book to read. It was a series book geared towards older kids and has some detailed pictures in it. This one was on the crucifixion and Dominic was asking me why that man had nails on his head. He has a very vivid imagination that crosses over into his dreams (like Daddy and Grammy). So I try to avoid visuals that will upset him. So I told him that since we were getting ready to leave that I would just tell him the story while we were driving. Thankfully he was ok with this.
But my dilemma was how to explain something that can be complicated to a 3 yr old. I did my best and at the end Dominic was quiet for a few minutes. Then he said
"Mommy, can you ask Jesus into your heart?"
So I prayed and asked Jesus into my heart. Then he asked if I could pray for him. So I told him that this was a very special thing to ask and if he wanted Jesus in his heart he would have to pray.
So he did.
"Dear Jesus, come in my heart and make me nice and a sweet boy and all those things. Amen."

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