Saturday, November 14, 2009

I love you this much!

"I love you, Dominic."
"I love you too, Mom."
"How much do you love me, Dominic?"
"I love you lots more than much. I love you 5, no 10 times more than much."
The kids were giggling and I went to investigate. Then ran to get my camera. Dominic had been jumping on his bed and Caitlin didn't want to miss out on the action. So she was watching from the end of the bed. When Dominic saw her he started making faces at her. This ALWAYS makes her laugh.
Dominic had been bribed with sugar-free pudding if he would finish his peas. He finished the pudding and was told to wash his hands. I heard him in the bathroom muttering to himself. I went in to see what was wrong.
"Mom, I'm having a hard time obeying you."
"Ok, why is that?"
"Because I had sugar. Don't EVER do that again!"
I just smiled since the pudding had been sugar free.
"MOM, did you hear me what I said?! I can't have any more sugar!"
So I dutifully promised not to give him any more sugar.

Just a cute picture of Caitlin. I love this outfit. She found a hair clip and was chewing on it.
I am so proud of my little babies.
Caitlin is doing really well with "cruising." She can walk along anything as long as she has a little something to hold onto.
Also today she fell and busted her lip open, probably when she bumped it with her tooth. There was a lot of blood. She hadn't had a morning nap and it was late in the morning. She certainly cried, but started eating lunch right after wards and hasn't complained about it since. She's a tough little cookie.

Dominic is doing so well with school. I started working with him in about August, I think. He couldn't write or draw anything and got frustrated very easily. He now knows almost all of his ABCs and yesterday showed me that he can write most of them as well. I hadn't been working directly on penmanship because he's only 3 yrs old. We weren't even going to start until much later, but he kept asking me for more scrap paper and when I asked to see his pictures he informed me that they were letters, not pictures. Sure enough the pages were filled with letters and numbers. I could recognize 95% of them. My buttons almost came off my shirt I was so proud! =)

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