Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today is a beautiful day. But even if the weather wasn't beautiful it would still be beautiful because I'm with the best family in the world.
I am thankful for my husband, Jon. He loves me unconditionally and with his whole heart and I feel it every day. God blessed me with an amazing husband and I'm so very, very thankful.
I am thankful for my kids. I have two of the cutest, sweetest kids in the world. Dominic fills our days with light and laughter. He's always saying cute things and he warms our hearts. He's already learning that honey attracts more bees than vinegar. Help us all when he totally grasps this concept. =)
Caitlin's sweet smiles and little kisses melt us into little puddles. She, like her brother, is a little charmer. She's a great baby and I'm thankful for this 1st year of her life that has gone by so fast.
I'm thankful for being their mommy.
I'm thankful for my extended family whose hospitality is the best. Thankful that even though we are so far apart we can enjoy each other a few times a year.
I'm thankful for my friends. Especially the ones who call me from far away even when I am not as good at calling them. (I'm thankful for you Laura!)
But most of all I'm thankful for my Savior who gives us all of this love and loves me more than I can imagine.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone and love to you all!!!

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Laura said...

Thanks Tima, I'm thankful for you too! So glad you enjoyed a Thanksgiving filled with wonderful times with family.