Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Today was a bit interesting. The kids and I met Jon for lunch. While we were eating I noticed that Jon was staring out the window in the direction of the car. I thought he was staring at a strange individual and was about to ask him about it when a guy came up to our table and informed us that our car had been hit in the parking lot.
Turns out that Jon saw it happen as well. The guy was an ex-police officer and had watched it happen. The woman paused and then drove off. When she started to drive off he wrote down her license plate number.
I called the police and he came out and got all of the information and talked to the witnesses. He left us to go give the lady a ticket.
The sad thing is that she left after knowing she'd hit our car. So we will have a new bumper on our car and she will be out a ton of money that she wouldn't have been had she simply stopped and told us what had happened.
We had been sitting in the car earlier waiting on Jon to get there. I'm just thankful we'd already gone inside the restaurant when it happened.

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