Sunday, November 1, 2009


I had Halloween shirts that I put the kids in and took their pictures. When we got ready to take them to a party at one of the local churches it was still in the 80s. Caitlin's 2nd costume was very warm and I knew she would get hot in it. So I left her in the shirt and Dominic put his skate board outfit on again.While we were there Caitlin rode around on Jon's shoulders. I think his ears were sore by the end of the evening.Dominic is playing a game to get some candy for his bag. It was the mesh bag that had held all of his safety gear.Dominic asked the balloon guy for a sword. Not sure what this had to do with his outfit, but he really enjoyed it. It popped as we were leaving because he was dragging it on the concrete. He was pretty upset. Later we went to a friend's house and stopped at a few houses in her neighborhood before we stopped at her house. It was cooler by then and I put Caitlin's costume on. She didn't seem to mind the hat part which I had been worried about.

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