Friday, October 30, 2009

Skateboard Heaven/Toddler Parade

Last night was the BEST night of Dominic's life! He told us so over and over. The toddler Halloween parade was today. Jon came last year and was going to try to come this year. But just in case, I wanted to give Dominic his Halloween costume last night so Jon could see his reaction. It was so worth it. We had told him that he couldn't have a skateboard until he was 5 yrs old. We couldn't find any safety gear or a board that was small enough. I kept looking though, especially after he told us he wanted to be a skateboarder for Halloween.

He kept say "This is great! This is so great!" He, of course, had to immediately put everything on and try it all out. I don't think it really sunk in because this morning he had that same look of excited disbelief.
When he 1st got the board.
All dressed up in full safety gear.
Now he's trying the board out.
Not bad for the first time. He's obviously been watching people skateboard. - Can you tell I'm bursting with pride? He's such a special little boy.
Caitlin had two choices for her costume this year. A friend of mine had given me two little outfits and I was hoping to fit both of them in somehow. The one I chose to use this morning for the parade was a poodle skirt of sorts. It is adorable and I wanted to put bobby socks on her and pull her hair up into a pony tail. I just wasn't sure it would stay. The picture is blurry, but it turned out really well.By the time we made it downtown, Caitlin's pony tail was slipping. I didn't bother to fix it because I knew she'd be in the stroller for a large part of the time. A friend took our picture right before the parade started.
I know - another picture of the cool skate board dude. What can I say? He's cute!
Caitlin enjoying the parade.
Dominic couldn't be parted from his helmet and board. He wouldn't let me put it into the trunk. He hasn't gone anywhere - bathroom, quiet time, etc. - without them.

So tomorrow night we are going to a local church to participate in their fall festival. So I'll be putting Caitlin in the other costume and Dominic will get to wear his skate board things again. Maybe I shouldn't have used the word again. He hasn't taken it off yet and it's almost supper time. =)

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