Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today was one of those trying days. I had to go shopping. I'd put it off for several days and it just couldn't wait anymore. So I loaded the kids up and left the house. Dominic was more energetic and loud than I've ever seen him (without sugar). He was jumping up and down, running through the clothes in the isles and singing the same song over and over again-very loudly. And the whole time Caitlin watched in silent amazement at her crazy brother. It didn't seem to matter that every time he left my sight or disobeyed that he would get into trouble and spend some quality time in the cart. He just couldn't seem to help himself.
I wondered what Caitlin was thinking. Would she learn from her brother's mistakes or was she at that moment learning how to be "energetic"?
She is so easy right now. She's not very mobile. She's quiet and since she can't do anything there aren't obedience issues. So would Dominic be better in 2 yrs when she gets to this stage or will I be even more tired and weary than I am now. Sigh!

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