Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Bad Nude

Dominic is always saying something that will have Jon and I laughing. It's so funny that I'm sure I'll remember long enough to blog about it and then 5 minutes later I've forgotten. So I'm now running to the counter where I keep a notebook and I'll jot it down to blog about later. I now have several things on my notebook, have forgotten a bunch and figured I'd better do some blogging.

Dominic wanted me to watch him do something while I was cooking. I couldn't take my eye off the stove and he thought I wasn't giving him enough of my attention. "No Mommy, look at me with two eyes!"

Dominic had been very hyper all morning and was jumping around by the couch. He threw himself onto the couch where I was sitting and said "Whew! I'm tired of being wild."

Caitlin and I were sitting on the floor in the kitchen and Dominic came in with his hands over his eyes. "I'm closing my eyes so you won't recognize me."

Sabbath morning Dominic got himself dressed and after I helped him with a button I told him he looked very handsome. Dominic wandered off and then came back to Jon and asked him
"Daddy, how do I look?"
"You look wonderful, Dominic."
"No I don't, Daddy. I look distinguished."

Yesterday Dominic asked me what time it was. "It's about noon." He didn't seem to pay attention and kept playing. A few minutes later he bumped his head and was whimpering.
"I'm having a really bad nude." WHAT! I finally figured out that he meant noon and told him that nude meant naked. Oh course he thought this was the funniest thing. Guess I did too. =)

I piled blankets on top of the coffee table and made a "cave". Both kids loved it and Dominic kept Caitlin laughing by poking his head out trying to scare her.Jon and Dominic had been fixing the car (changing the oil) and I looked out the window and noticed Dominic spreading his blanket on the ground. Turns out he was having a picnic. So we made cookies (according to Dominic you can't have a picnic w/out cookies) and I took him on a real picnic that night.

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