Saturday, September 26, 2009

Silly boy!

Dominic said something today and Jon asked him
"Dominic, where did that come from?"
"From my mouth, Daddy."
I was cleaning out the garage and emptied this clear storage box. Dominic thought I'd brought him a new toy and has spent hours playing with it. Caitlin was a bit confused at first when she couldn't quite reach her brother.
Dominic will hide under this and then yell for us to come "find" him.

I will occasionally allow Dominic to jump on the bed when he has excessive energy that needs to be released. Got some great mid-air shots.
Not sure why, but my bed is one of the funnest places for the kids. They'll roll around and giggle forever. They love to pretend to sleep or hide under the covers. I have to watch Caitlin pretty closely now that she is crawling.

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