Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beach Day

We went to the beach this last weekend with some friends. We had been trying to go for several weekends, but the weather wouldn’t cooperate. The kids had a blast and Jon and I really enjoyed it as well. It was so relaxing. Our friends had some friends with a beach house on the sound side and we had a little cove to play in. The water was really shallow and so we didn’t have to worry about waves knocking kids over or the sand dropping off into the ocean.
All the men with the kids!

I sun screened everyone twice while we were there, but either missed the eyes both times or the kids wiped their eyes too much and rubbed the sunscreen off. Because when we got home, both kids had little tiny sunburns under their eyes. I felt terrible.
One of my friends brought a little swimming pool that we filled with ocean water and let the babies play in. It worked well and they looked so cute in their own little pool.
Dominic loved the idea of a picnic at the beach, but couldn’t grasp the concept of not touching the sand while holding his sandwich. It got a little crunchy at the end. =)
There was also a little inflatable boat that the kids had a ton of fun playing with. Caitlin even got a short ride in it. One kid would sit in the boat and the others would pull them around.

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Ben, Janet, Anna, and Sam said...

Great photos! I especially like the one with the dad and all the kids. We had so much fun!