Friday, September 18, 2009


Caitlin found Dominic's fireman hat and was having so much fun playing with it.
I took the kids to childcare at the Y today so I could do my Pilates. Caitlin was a little fussy because she hadn't taken a nap yet. When I told the guy that usually watches Dominic he said
'Don't worry about it. She'll stop crying as soon as I put her in Dominic's lap. Happens every time." I guess they find things that Dominic can do while holding Caitlin and he will hold her for the first 15-30 minutes I'm gone. Then she's fine and will let him go off and play. I guess since she's tired she wants the comfort of someone she knows. Dominic has told me several times when I've left him at Play Date (if I have a dr appt I can't take him to, etc.) that he can't wait until Caitlin gets big enough that she can come too. A child has to be 1 yr and walking before being left at Play Date. So I have a mommy date planned for when Caitlin starts walking. =)
Isn't it precious that my children love each other so much and miss each other when they are separated?

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