Friday, September 4, 2009

High Chair

We don’t have a ton of room in our little apartment so we pulled out the portable high chair and attached it to the table hoping to get rid of the larger high chair. Caitlin, for some reason, doesn’t like the large high chair either. I took several pictures of Caitlin in it because we moved into the apartment when Dominic was about this age. We used this high chair then and I wanted to compare. Amazing how much they look alike (at least to me).Our table has one post in the middle and isn’t as sturdy as I would like with the children. I usually put a chair underneath Caitlin so if the table tips over she won’t fall very far (you can see it in the picture). For some reason the chair had been moved one morning. I was finished with breakfast and was in the bathroom brushing my teeth. Dominic takes FOREVER to finish his meals and so I left Caitlin in the high chair to be entertained by her brother so I could brush in peace. I heard a crash and ran into the kitchen. Dominic had leaned on the table in front of her high chair and knocked the table over. The table fell on him and Caitlin fell out of her chair onto the floor. Both kids were scared and I ended up sitting on the floor with both of them in my lap, my mouth filled with tooth paste. I later found my tooth brush on the kitchen floor. Thankfully they weren’t hurt very much. Caitlin has a little bruise on her leg, but that’s it. Caitlin is now back in her large high chair. Dominic didn’t have an older sibling to lean on the table or move chairs so it worked for him, but I guess Caitlin will have to suffer in her big chair.

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