Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My silly kids

Caitlin wouldn't go to sleep for her nap today. I looked in several times and she was sitting up in the crib sucking her thumb and holding her little bear. It got quiet and this is what I saw when I looked in her crib. Dominic was trying to fit in the laundry basket.
Since he didn't fit so well with one basket he decided to add another one.
I told the kids to make faces. =)
When Dominic was small some friends got us this onsie for him. I had to put it on Caitlin and take a picture. It says "When God created me He was just showing off." LOVE it!

Caitlin can only scoot backwards and was getting frustrated because she kept getting stuck under the chair. So she turned around and tried to pull herself up. When that didn't work she started hitting and pushing the chair and squealing.

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