Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Strange eating habits

My children are strange. Caitlin will eat almost anything except for carrots. It doesn’t matter how I present them to her she won’t eat them. She won’t even eat them if she finds them on the floor under the table before I’ve had a chance to clean up after a meal. And she’ll eat ANYTHING on the floor. But I found out today that she will eat them if they are on my fork. And she can tell the difference between my fingers, her fork and my fork. So she ate a bunch of carrots today from my fork.

Dominic will see a bowl of something and say that he doesn’t like it, even if he's never tried it. So today he decided he didn’t like stir-fry. He pulled all of the noodles out and ate them. Then he lined all of the tofu in a straight line on the table and pretended they were marshmallows and ate them. Then he picked through the vegies and ate his favorites first and then his least favorites last. He cleaned his bowl up and asked for more. When I asked him if he liked stir-fry as I was getting him seconds he said no.

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Techyturner said...

Your children do have strange eating habits. I hope my boy doesn't get them!