Monday, October 26, 2009

Do NOT leave your children alone!

These next few pictures are why mothers don't take showers, go to the bathroom or do anything away from their kids!
Dominic hasn't done anything like this since before he turned 2 yrs old. Not sure what possessed him to write with a marker on the furniture. Then he tried to blame it on Caitlin. And while I think my daughter is great, I KNOW she can't write the letter H yet. She's also not tall enough to reach some of these marks. So that one didn't work.
I left for 5 seconds to get the phone. My congressman wanted to do a survey. I declined (by hanging up). When I returned I found my kids playing so nicely together. =)
Caitlin LOVES the dishwasher. Sabbath morning we were putting breakfast dishes into the dishwasher and she crawled over to "help". She looked so proud of herself as she beat on the dishes.

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