Monday, October 26, 2009

10 kids and a loving wife

Every once in a great while I will put a very little bit of chocolate powder in Dominic's soy milk. It barely tastes like chocolate, but he thinks he's getting a treat w/out the hyper afterwards. He had just had a huge glass for supper. I was in the bathroom getting Caitlin ready for her bath when I noticed Dominic was dancing.
"Dominic, go potty, please."
"No. I don't need to."
More frantic dancing.
"Dominic, go potty NOW!!!"
He hurries over to the potty and barely makes it.
"Oh NOOOO! I'm losing my chocolate milk. OH, NOOO! I don't want to pee it out. I want to keep it for bit longer! OH, NOOO!"
It took a little while, but I think I convinced him that it was his juice from lunch and not the chocolate milk. =)
This is the sight that greeted me when I went into the bathroom while Dominic was pooping. The perfect bribe picture for later. =)

Dominic's prayer for breakfast yesterday.
"Dear Jesus, Thank you for my food and bless it. Please save Daddy from the bed bugs. Amen!" We haven't been able to convince him that bed bugs are in the bed. Since he's never been bit by a bug in bed they must be the things that bite him outside. Since Daddy was on his way to work he must need saving from the bed bugs.

On the way home from town the other day:
"Mommy, I'm going to be a daddy when I grow up."
"Okay. Did you know that you have to have kids to be a daddy?"
"Yup! I'm going to have 5, no wait. 10 kids."
"But your wife would have to be pregnant 10 times to have that many kids. What if she doesn't want to do that?"
"Oh she will. Cause I'm going to love her lots and lots so she will."

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