Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Silly kids

I was putting away dishes and asked Dominic if he wanted to help me. "No thanks, mom. I'm VERY busy playing. It's going to take all day to get done."

"MOM! Come into my room and see all of the decorates (decorations) that I did to it!" He had taken almost all of his toys and lined them up along the bed and dressers. There wasn't a space left on any flat surface.

When Dominic learned the word abnegate he also learned the word deny. He hadn't used it until yesterday. I asked him if he had flushed the toilet after going potty. "Can I deny it?" Not sure why he'd want to, since I then promptly sent him back in to flush.

"Mom, come find me. I'm hiding!"Caitlin in her little poncho. She usually doesn't like hats so I'm glad she endured long enough for the picture.Putting her cracker into the hymnal holder on the pew. I'm very surprised that our church isn't overrun with ants. =)

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