Thursday, October 23, 2008


Dominic is a bit fearful of dark rooms and has been telling us for some time that there is a monster in the room. He'll take one of us in there and roar to "scare" the monster back into hiding. We learn new things about our monster every day. A couple of weeks ago we learned that he's completely red, including his eyes. He's about 3 feet tall. And his name is George. A couple of nights ago I had put Dominic to bed with his night light on. And I hear this little voice over the monitor.
"Go away!" Silence for a few minutes.
"George, go back over there."
Then all was silent and he eventually went to sleep.
Tonight he told Jon that George was hungry and I guess they decided that George wanted some of Tolkie's (the cat) food. Since they were peering into my closet I hope that they don't follow through. I told Jon that I was going to blog about Dominic's imaginary friend. Dominic informed me that George was NOT a friend. He was a monster.

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Techyturner said...

At least it's "George" and not "Sully" or "Mike"!