Monday, October 20, 2008

Best Friends

Dominic and Andy are the best of friends when they aren't around each other. Dominic asks every day to go play with Andy. But when together they seem to fight more than play. Andy was at our house a couple of days ago and Dominic decided to act out his Sabbath school lesson. (It's about Jairus's daughter being raised from the dead.) He got a couple of pillows from the couch and laid down on them. He announced in a loud voice "I'm dead now!" Andy immediately started to cry. Jill and I thought he might be upset because Dominic had taken his pillow. So Jill asked him what was the matter. He explained very tearfully "Dominic's dead!!!" Turns out they love each other after all. =)

This Saturday night we went over to the Clarks to have a bonfire (in the fireplace) and the boys had a ton of fun. I've included a couple of pictures of them trying to "fix" each other.

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