Monday, October 13, 2008

Swing Set

Jon has had plans for months to build Dominic a swing set and finally found the time to start working on it. He figured it would take him a weekend or two. What he forgot to figure into the time frame was Dominic.
Dominic adores his Daddy and so wanted to be right there helping. Jon came in and got his (Dominic's) tools and found a little cloth nail apron for him. He found a tape measure that he wasn't using and Dominic "helped".

Jon built the swing set on the ground and then planned to somehow lift the set up onto it's feet once it was completed. He asked our neighbor to help and it became a huge production. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures because they wouldn't let the pregnant lady close enough to take ones. But it ended up taking them over an hour, tons of rope, 3 people, one truck and a 4-wheeler to get the thing up and standing. Once it was up I figured out why. It was HUGE.I'm not sure if you can see Dominic down there, but that swing was so high I could look out the 2nd story window of our house and look it in the eye. After Jon sunk the legs into the ground several feet it looks much better, but it is still a HUGE swing.
Jon attached his hammock to the other side and last night he finished enough of it to put up Dominic's kiddie swing and his hammock. It was precious watching my two men enjoy their work.

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bonzobuddybear said...

What fun! Despite the suffering, at least Jon can know that Dominic will reap the benefits of warm fuzzies of "working with Daddy" memories regarding his swingset. :D