Thursday, November 6, 2008


Dominic is fully potty trained, but drinks to much water to make it through the night w/out a diaper or a pull up. We wake him up right before we go to bed and have him go, but he still doesn't make it through the night.
So last night I grabbed some night time pull ups I'd bought. Turns out that I'd gotten a size too big. So before I could put them up Dominic decided that he'd try using it as a hat. At first he walked around "blind" and then he found the leg hole to look out of. The pictures aren't the greatest because he wouldn't be still, but I think you'll get the idea.
He has new "ideas" every day that keep me on my toes. Yesterday he flushed the toilet w/ his nose. Can't say as I saw that one coming. When people told me that having kids was an adventure I had no clue. But I'm probably ten times healthier than I was before. Because isn't laughter good for your health?

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