Monday, November 10, 2008

Just stuff about Dominic!

I know that the tune of my blogs will change as my kids get older. I've been warned about that. But right now it seems that the good days far out way the bad and I can't get over how cute and precious my son is. Even when I have "bad" days with him I can still smile at how entertaining he can be.
Tonight I was unpacking the suitcase from our trip. (As a side note to all pregnant women - don't take a trip when you have a 2 yr old and are 8 1/2 months pregnant.) I put all of the dirty clothes in a pile and was putting away the clean items. Jon started laughing and I came around the corner to see Dominic putting on a pair of Jon's socks that had been in the dirty pile. He then spent the next hour moving that pile of dirty clothes all over the house. He'd move it and then dive into it.
This next picture is of Dominic proudly showing me a "boogie" he'd picked out of his nose. Notice the tissue in his hand that isn't being used? I'm not sure if it's a kid thing or a boy thing, but he's very fascinated w/ his nose and pulling things out of it.
Jill watched him the other day while I had a drs. appt and he was supposed to be taking a nap. He started crying and when she went in to check on him, he told her he "had boogies". He had very neatly lined them all up on her head board. =) It's a good thing she has a little boy.

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