Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Vacation I

Our Thanksgiving vacation started early and had several stages.
Dominic was off for an entire week so most of my prep for company was done before he was out of school.
I enjoyed having him home so much. Amazingly, I miss the little guy when he's at school. =)
We read books, went to the museum and played games.

On Wednesday both sets of grandparents arrived. We ate lunch with Jon's parents and then my parents arrived around supper time. The kids had so much fun that day basking in grandparent love.

Caitlin was fascinated that Grandpa was wearing a hat "just like her". She leaned in to tell him something and the bills of the hats touched. She proceeded to do that over and over again while giggling. It was precious!
 Dominic asked me to take silly pictures. Then he posed about 20 different ways. I'll spare you from all of them and only post a few. =)
 Messing with Grandpa's hat again.
 Grandma's lap isn't quite big enough for two. But that didn't seem to stop them from trying.
 After baths she read to them again. 
If you look closely you'll see Dominic with his foot in Grandma's shoe. Much to her chagrin it almost fits him. =)
 The next day we headed out early so my dad and I could run our race.
The kids weren't quite awake, but seemed pretty excited for us.

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