Sunday, November 20, 2011

Paintball addiction

Jon's enthusiasm for paintball was contagious. Since he'd purchased two markers I decided to join the guys today when they played. Only one other girl was able to join us and she was very unsure about being hit. I felt so bad when she was hit bad enough to break the skin and I wasn't hit once.

I had so much fun. although I'll admit that it might be because I was never shot. My desire to win kept me hiding quite a bit. I got several kill shots in, including to my dear husband. =)

I played three games and then headed up to the house to check on the kids. We (several moms) had hired a girl to babysit so we could either play or talk without a ton of kids running around under foot.
It worked great and we had a wonderful day.
We already have another day planned and I hope to have some more girls joining us. I now have a target on my back since I didn't get hit once. I'm quite sure I won't be so lucky next time.

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