Saturday, November 5, 2011


We didn't really do much for Halloween this year.
Dominic had requested to be a biker (like Daddy). After pricing the gear I decided we'd do something else. I'm not willing to shell out over $300 for an outfit he will be wearing once. Since we won't let him ride the motorcycle yet it's rather pointless.
Then I found a motorcross outfit at the store. He said that was fine.
 Caitlin was super easy. 
We just chose one of her many princess/fairy outfits and I let her accessorize it.
 My little cuties!
 Halloween fell on Monday this year and also the day of the field trip. I wasn't looking forward to the kids being exhausted the next day. One of our friends is the administrator for a nursing home and told us about their Halloween tradition. The residents line up in a huge room and give out candy to the kids.
So we headed over there at 4:30.
The residents loved the kids in their outfits and the kids loved talking to people and not having to get back into the car after every house.
 After we left (only 45 minutes later) we headed to a restuarant to eat.
We were home in time for baths and bed at a normal time.
We will definitely be doing this again next year. It was so stress free for all of us.

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