Saturday, November 5, 2011


Jon has found a new sport.
Last week he was invited to a "birthday party". It was a bunch of men who went out into the woods and shot each other - with paintballs. 
Definitely a manly party. =)
 The birthday "boy" in the middle with Jon.
 All of the guys. 
Even though we teased him to death - turns out the dude in the yellow was just as camouflaged because of the yellow leaves.
The kids love this dog. She's so patience and gentle.
 As you might have guessed, the women were not invited. 
So we (and the kids) hung out together.
 Practicing before war.
Back for more amo and to tell us some war stories.
A casualty of war.
Jon had so much fun that he's already purchased guns markers of his own and is having his own "birthday party" next month. He purchased two in hopes that I'll join him sometime. Anyone want to babysit so Jon and I can shoot each other?

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