Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The trees had just started to turn colors when Dominic begged to go on a picture taking walk.
So I got out the old camera for him and grabbed mine. We just walked down the street, but it was so cute to watch him, all serious, trying to get just the right angle or lighting.
So the pictures on this blog post are all from Dominic.
 The bird feeder is sitting there because a certain little boy thought it would be fun to try and swing from it. It, of course, broke right away and deposited him on the ground rather abruptly.
 Neighbor's cat who walked with us for a little bit.
 Self portrait. There were quite a few of these. There were also quite a few of my rear, but I won't be posting those. What is it with little boys and anything bum, potty, gross related?
 He was so cute taking pictures that I kept taking pictures of him.
So he returned the favor.
 Not sure what he was going for here.
 He took over 100 shots so there is no way I can post them all. Little man was on a role.
 The next Saturday the weather was beautiful so we got the Model A out and went for a ride. Dominic and I grabbed the cameras and got in the rumble seat. It was hard to take pictures with the wind blowing, but we had fun.
 Caitlin with bear bear and her thumb.
Not too shabby for a five year old and no experience.
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