Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today has been an eventful day in Josie and Sarah's life.
After dropping Dominic off at school this morning I returned to get the puppies ready to go to the vet. Jon and I forgot about their appointment so I had the wrong car. The Accord just isn't puppy friendly. But I managed. I placed blankets on the front seat and got them both in. They refused to sit on the floor and ended up sitting on top of each other. Between Sarah trying to eat the gear shift and Josie wanting to sit on my lap, I managed to get us to the vet without a traffic accident.
After their appointment we came home and I sent Caitlin out to play. She plays well in the back yard and I've never been concerned before about her being by herself.
She played very well until about an hour before we needed to leave to pick up Dominic.
She came in and told me Sarah was in the road. She had opened the gate and Sarah was indeed in the road. I called and she came running. No problem.
I had a chat with Caitlin about NEVER opening the gate without either parent there. She agreed and went back outside. A few seconds later I heard her calling the dogs and I couldn't find her in the back yard. I ran around the corner of the house to see her standing in the front yard and no sign of the dogs. I was about ready to leave to pick up Dominic and so I loaded Caitlin in the car and stopped every neighbor I saw asking about the dogs. I called Jon and told him about what had happened.
When I returned home from picking up Dominic I saw that Jon had come home from work to help us look. About 30 minutes later the dogs come tearing around the corner of our neighbors with silly grins on their faces. They came willingly with me. I thought that was the last of my dog stress for the day.
When Jon came home from work (for the 2nd time) he mentioned the beautiful weather and told the kids to go outside. We looked out to see the dogs in the neighbors yard. Apparently BOTH gates were open and I only closed the one that I'd let the dogs in. Sigh!

Although it was stressful thinking I would have to spend several hours looking, I am now convinced that my family loves those silly dogs. Caitlin cried when it dawned on her that the puppies were missing, Jon missed work to look for them and Dominic was ready to make a missing poster.
I'm so glad they are home and that they are loved.

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