Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sabbath Afternoon Fun

Another blog found in drafts. Sigh! I'm SO forgetful.

This last Sabbath Jon and I almost had an upset that turned out to be a really great thing.
I was talking to one friend and agreeing to lunch at their house while Jon was talking to another friend and agreeing to supper with them. Thankfully it was for different meals. As it was the day was very busy, but so much fun. We started out at some friends property with a picnic and bonfire.

Caitlin was cold at first.
Our crazy boy and a friend climbing the rocks on the other side of the creek.
Our bonfire
Chilling out before our rides
Dominic was a bit apprehensive about being in the atv. But I knew that once he got over being scared he would love it. Sure enough he kept asking to go. I think he went about five times before we had to leave.
My grown-up, mature friends playing with fire. =)
The copy cats

The chip stealers
We left the lunch bonfire and went to our supper bonfire.
I didn't take as many pictures because it was getting dark, but we had as much fun.

It was a fun and crazy day. I'm so glad that we didn't overlap our bonfires, because I wouldn't have wanted to miss either one.

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