Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving II

After the race we headed home and the rest of the company started arriving.
 The day was beautiful and we spent most of it outside.
We are creating a monster. Dominic begged to shoot the markers again.
 Caitlin getting her first birthday present (for her third birthday) from Aunt Kim.
Caitlin was exhausted. We looked over to see her sound asleep.
 Gramps couldn't resist holding her. Can you blame him?!
 Grammy brought a Monopoly Card game. Dominic was immediately in love and would play with anyone who'd get sit down. The first question he asked Grammy every morning was "Did you bring the game?" He loved it so much that she bought him his own game and Jon and I play no less than 3 games apiece every day after school with him. When we aren't playing with him he's got his pets sitting at the coffee table playing with them.
 Kim was a huge help in getting the Thanksgiving meal on the table. I couldn't have done it without her.
 Gramps, Grammy, Uncle Jason and Aunt Kim
Climbing the dogwood tree.
Gramps is rescuing Caitlin from the tree.
 We certainly wouldn't have minded piling everyone up in our house, but with so many people it might have been a bit tough. So some stayed in hotels and the rest stayed in the RV in our driveway.

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