Saturday, October 12, 2013

Random Stuff

I was running with Dominic this morning. He was slightly in front when he turned to me and said -
"Watch Mom! I can run more aerodynamic. It helps me run faster."
 He bent his head forward and with arms straight by his side, he took off running. I was laughing too hard to run very fast, but the little guy was seriously booking it.


Caitlin just came running in and asked for a thumb sack. Turns out she meant a thumb tack.


Caitlin talking about gymnastics -
"Ms Kelly is going to bring her bricks to class next time so she can smaller us up. She said we are getting too big."

I'm with Ms. Kelly on that one.


These past two weeks have been crazy and stressful. Today Jon is camping w/ the Pathfinders and I'm parenting alone. For some reason the kids have been wild and rambunctious. I was about ready to lose my mind. At lunch Dominic made a comment about playing a contest game. So I made up the rules. The person who goes the longest without making any noise at all wins. Call me evil, but I'm loving my children's competitive nature right now. The sound of silence is wonderful. =)

Should I tell them the prize is getting to go outside to play? No, probably not yet!

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