Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorable moments

Do you ever have those moments in your family that you know you'll remember forever?

Some of them are incredibly simple or are the result of a mishap that was made into a moment.

This last weekend we went camping. I always check out the camper to make sure we have everything well stocked. I noticed we were out of paper plates, but didn't have time to go to the store. But no worries. We still had our plastic plates that we keep in the camper. We arrive at the campsite and begin preparing our supper, only to realize that there aren't any plates at all.

The first meal was ok. Sandwiches can be eaten on paper towels. But when breakfast rolled around we had to improvise for the pancakes. The kids thought eating on tupperwear lids was fun and it worked well. One of them made the comment that we should do this all of the time.
I found an app on my ipad that I hadn't used before. The kids have spent hours making faces with this thing. There are several of us adults who have about died laughing too. Something as simple as distorted pictures will be a funny memory every time we look at these.
Doesn't my dad look like the mega mind dude?

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