Friday, February 14, 2014

THAT Parent!

I have fallen into the category of "THAT parent". All year long I cheerfully pin these lovely Valentine ideas to my pinterest boards. Then the morning of Valentine's Day I panic and we make a mad dash to the store to buy something generic.

It happened again this year. I remembered to get gifts and such for the kids. I woke up early and put their little cards on top of the books I'd bought them. I then whipped up red pancakes with cool whip and chocolate chips.
I'll meet my husband for lunch and then we'll have our real date on Saturday night.

But to the teachers who mean so much to our family? Nothing!
To all of the classmates that my son spends the majority of his week with? Nothing!

So this morning found us bright and early in Walmart looking over the measly supply of Valentine's still left on the shelf. The poor teachers received candy and lotion. His friends received a card and a pencil. It wasn't what I'd planned or hoped for. So I really hope they feel loved.

And maybe I'll get something cool done for the last day of school gifts!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Just because you didn't get a gift, doesn't mean I don't love you!
It just means my brain is not working properly.

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