Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Jon and I have always worked towards independence in our children. If they are mentally and physically capable of doing something themselves, let them go for it. We'll be right there beside them, but they can do it themselves. 

We are also of the philosophy that work is good for a body. And since our children are a part of our family, they can contribute to the family by helping out.

Normally this isn't a problem. The kids wake up in the morning and do a small list of chores. Any not completed that morning are finished when they return from school, gymnastics, etc. Works pretty well for us. Since they both love learning new things and doing something that is "above their age limit" they have accomplished some pretty cool things. This also means that our household runs pretty smoothly and typically stays pretty clean.

Tonight I ran into a snag. I went to the school to help out the teachers set up the books for a book fair that starts next week. Dominic went with me and helped too. He was in ecstasy seeing all of those books. So he asked my budget for books next week. It wasn't enough to get him everything he wanted and even adding his stash of cash to the mix didn't cut it. So he asked if he could do some additional chores to make more money. Now the problem begins. I have no idea what to give him. I've googled chores and they are either already doing them, or have recently helped me do them. We don't have any extra things that need to be done.

We just washed and cleaned the car. Their closets are organized (last month). The house is clean and is being maintained by regular chores. The kids already help with laundry, dishes, and meal prep. Yard work is non-existent in this lovely single digit weather. We just washed windows and dusted all of the base boards. Caitlin just helped me mop yesterday.

I could just give him the money, but I appreciate his desire to work for something he wants. I'm just not sure what to give him. I went through all of the chores on those charts up to the teenage years. I'm either putting too much on my kids or people seriously don't expect much for their children.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Because my ocd has created a problem. =)

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Root Gypsy said...

He could look for work outside the home. If he was closer I would say bring him over and he could label soap! gina