Monday, January 6, 2014

Freezing Cold

The weather this year has been crazy! It's warm, it's cold, it's freezing. Every time they call for snow, they start out with several inches. But by the time it reaches us, it's only an inch or so.

Sunday night the weather was calling for some crazy ran/sleet/ice/snow. We woke up Monday morning to a lovely inch of snow (instead of the predicted 4-6). But underneath was a layer of solid ice. Jon waited until the sun came up and left for work.
 But school was out so the kids wanted to play in the snow. But the temps were hoovering in the single digits with wind chills below 0.
 The kids had a ton of fun playing Legos, but the cabin fever was getting pretty bad.
Finally after lunch I bundled them up like the Micheline man and let them go. I tried to get a picture, but they were so excited to get out that they were gone before I could even get the camera turned on.
A friend was kind enough to take this picture for me.

They played for several hours and returned with very chapped and rosy cheeks.

But we, sort of, returned to normal today. Because Dominic is in private school we started back today with a delayed start. So we slipped along the road until we arrived at school.

Today the temps started out around -6 and rose to a balmy 11. So most of the roads were able to melt, but it's still freezing out there. Temps tomorrow? A high of 45 degrees!

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