Friday, December 27, 2013

Birthday Photo Shoot

I always get pictures of the kids around their birthday. But for some reason this year I kept forgetting to take Caitlin's pictures. So a few days before Christmas I had two different opportunities for pictures and now I can't decide which ones to use. So I'm going to put several of them on here. Maybe you can tell me which ones are your favorites.

These first few were taken when we got home from church last week.
 Love Dominic's hat.
 The rest of these were taken when we met my parents and sister at Opryland Hotel.
 She's getting so big. It kills me!
 Oh boy! I'm going to have some problems in a couple of years when the girls discover this kid.
 Who knew you could get SO dirty at a hotel.
 My parents taking a quick rest. Kids can wear you out.
We had fun on our annual tour of the hotel. 
We finished off with an awesome supper and some shopping.

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Beth-Anne said...

Caitlin is so cute and lovely. I will truly miss being able to teach her next year. And Dominic...oh my, every picture of him he seems older. You have the cutest children :)