Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Good Kids

So many times parents will lament the fact that children usually behave better for others than they do their own parents. My kids fit firmly into this category. I get compliments on their behavior frequently. I do get the occasional wild child comment too. =)

But tonight I need to brag on my sweet kids. These past few weeks have been a bit rough on them. We had guests for parts of two weeks. For 8 days Dominic had to bunk in with his sister. Our schedule has been completely thrown off coarse. And this past week Jon and I both got sick. It's that yucky lingering stuff. So we've been feeling pretty grumpy.

Despite the major adjustments my sweet babies have been so helpful. They've done their chores, offered extra help, brought Jon and I things while we were down, and played nicely together.

A few nights ago Dominic wanted to make supper since I was feeling crummy. He did really well for his first time making pancakes. I had several heart stopping moments because he's so short that flipping the pancakes became dangerous. But overall he did really well and supper tasted good.

Pancakes with Christmas Sprinkles

The next day Dominic read the scripture for church. I was home recovering, but Jon said he did really well.

I have the best kids EVER!

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