Saturday, December 21, 2013


Dominic has had a couple of things going on at school that I went to take pictures of. But they somehow didn't make it on the blog. So I'm going to put them together.

The first one was when his teacher revealed what she was having. The kids have spend the entire school year guessing about it and they all had their assumptions based on the most hilarious reasons. One boy thought it would be a boy because he was a boy. One girl (whose mom is a nurse) was sure it was a girl because she'd heard that you get more nauseous with girls. 

Beth-Anne chose a cute way of revealing it to them. She had several of the upper grade kids spray her and Matthew (her husband) with silly string. They would know when it came out either pink or blue.

The anticipation was killing some of them.
 It's a boy!!!
 Dominic was thrilled!
 The kids LOVED the silly string.
 It MIGHT have made little man a tad bit crazy. =)

 This last week Dominic had to prepare and give a presentation on a country. He chose Thailand. He had to research and then present a talk about the food, clothes, major religion, and one of their festivals or holidays. Typical boy he really got into the food and holiday part. But he totally blew off the clothes. When asked to talk about it by his teacher he made the comment -
"This is what they wore in the 19s and this is what they wear in the 20s" Then he moved on to the more interesting topics.

When someone asked a question about Buddha he went into this long story about Nebuchadnezzar and the golden statue. He seemed to be under the impression that they were the same. When Beth-Anne realized where he was going she corrected him. He recovered very quickly with -
"Well you know how they bowed down to the golden idol? Well that's how they bow down to Buddha." It was a very well played save. =)
 Showing everyone Thailand on the map.
Caitlin wants so desperately to be in school. So she loves these opportunities to visit Dominic during school. She seemed to think she was helping him with his presentation.
Dominic got extra credit for bring some food from his country. Part of his presentation was about how they eat food differently. His examples were the black beans in ice cream, coconut milk in spicy soup, and sweet mixed with sour.

So to help illustrate this he gave them spicy mangoes. The kids were NOT impressed. He followed up with lychee candy and chocolate Pocky sticks. That seemed to go over much better. Caitlin helped pass everything out.

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