Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy Birthday

This past Thursday was Caitlin's golden birthday. She turned 5 on the 5th of December. We had a really great day celebrating with her.

We've had company all this week. They've been wonderful to have and I've threatened to lock the doors so they can't leave us. But it does mean that I've been a bit distracted and had some extra things on my plate. I'd fully intended to post this blog on Caitlin's birthday and say a little something about baby girl on facebook. That didn't happen. But we had a fun day and that is what counts.

Caitlin opening her presents. She was pretty excited about it. Wouldn't even look up at me.
 I asked her if she wanted to help me pick out the decorations for her cupcakes and then help me make them, or if she wanted me to do it while she was asleep and surprise her. She opted for helping. It was super fun trying out different designs with the pearls she'd picked out.
 Bear bear helped out a bit.
Most of the completed cupcakes.
 Goofy girl!
She was really messy after making those cupcakes. So I let her have a bubble bath and then we painted our nails.
 Caitlin chose to go to Cinco's for her birthday meal out.
All day she told every person she talked to that it was her birthday. 
So when we got into the restaurant she told the hostess guy, the guy who brought our chips, and the waiter that it was her birthday.
Our waiter really went all out with singing to her (by himself), putting whip cream on her face and making her feel special.
She isn't usually a big dessert person. But she managed to eat the entire thing.
One final picture with her birthday sombero.
Her meal of choice for supper was pigs and broccoli. Not very shocking when you hear her ask for it almost every night for supper.
 After supper she FINALLY got to try out the cupcakes. They tasted as good as we'd hoped.
Happy Birthday Caitlin! 
Daddy and I are so proud of the big girl you are becoming. While we have a little bit of sadness over losing our baby, we are so excited to see how much you are growing up. Your infectious laugh and zest for life are a fun blessing to our family.

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