Monday, June 30, 2014

One week later. . .

I wrote this Friday evening. But as is becoming typical of our life - the internet at the hotel was down and I couldn't post it. So it is now Monday. I am sitting on a sooty couch with about 10 people in my home while I grab some wifi and try to get some work accomplished.

Our life has been a little different this past week. We'd initially thought the fire to be annoying, but no big deal. It became more of a deal as time went on.

The clean up guy arrived on Sunday morning. He gave us a black trash bag and told us to fill it with "emergency" clothes that we would get right back ASAP.  He waded through our house and recommended the entire house be de-smoked from top to bottom. Monday morning the cleaning crew arrived. And by Monday afternoon we were without bedding, curtains and clothing. Not a big deal until we realized we were left with the clothes on our back. The emergency bag wasn't back yet.
We found a hotel suite and settled in for what we thought was a couple of days.

Tuesday found me traveling all over town trying to figure out prices and replacement costs so I could have the damage list for the adjuster. 

Our home was taken over. People in and out all day, a massive Hepa filter roaring in my living room, all of my belongings being handled by a stranger, and some seriously frustrated kids who couldn't get in their bedrooms.

Friday a forensic fire investigator came and confirmed that the stove had turned itself on due to a faulty something and was not our fault. We were told it would be at least Tuesday of next week before we could go home. The adjuster called to inform me that she had a preliminary total of $20k and she didn't have all of her figures in yet.
She also informed us that the insurance company had decided to sue. So it could be approximately a month before we could begin the demo on our kitchen. 

So we wait. We are on another adventure and thank God every day that we are safe and together. Life will return to our normal soon. But in the mean time we are enjoying the blessings. One of them will be when I return to a immaculately cleaned house.

I will try to get my computer and camera in the same building soon so I can begin posting a few pictures. Some of them I can't post until the investigation is over.

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Richard Lawry said...

Sorry to hear of your trials. We know a bit how you feel, we had a pipe bust in the ceiling and flood the dining room last year just before Thanksgiving. An Arkie's Musings