Monday, September 22, 2014

Flat beans

 A long time ago I made lentils. The kids enthusiastically ate them. Since Jon doesn't care for them, I fixed them while he was at work. I told the kids they were flat beans and they ate them up.

Several weeks later someone made a comment about lentils and Dominic said he hated them. I tried to convince him otherwise with no luck.

I made them again and again. I called them flat beans and the kids inhaled them.

Tonight a very sweet friend made us lentil tacos for supper. I was stressed to the max and was so grateful for her thoughtfulness. But the whole time she was pulling the things out of the bag I was praying she wouldn't say the word lentil loud enough for my kids to hear.

I put the food on the table and Dominic had prayer.
"Thank you for this yummy food we are about to devour."
He ate three massive servings. I asked him just now (over an hour later) if he liked lentils.
"No, they're gross."

I'm wondering how long I'm going to have to use code names for food. When will my children realize that new food, or food with strange names tastes really good.
Caitlin wasn't stingy either. She ate two huge tacos.

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