Sunday, September 7, 2014

Race Day

This last Monday was Labor Day and we spent it running around - literally.

Both of the kids joined me this year in running one of the 3 races. I've posted a little bit about it on the other blog, which you can find here.
But the kids also spent some time at the kids stations while I ran the 10k and then Caitlin while Dominic and I ran the 5k. This is one of the best races as far as activities and organization that I've ever been to. 
 I'm pretty sure that is a marshmallow in her mouth.
 Jon says she's really good at hula hoops.
The kids had a ton of fun, despite the heat and humidty.
 Grandpa won an award. The rest of us need to step it up.
Happy Belated Labor Day everyone!

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