Sunday, August 31, 2014

That pesky future wife

I'm beginning to wonder if I should pray silently for my kids future spouses. 
Because more often than not, I get questions or comments about my prayer.

Again last night I prayed for Dominic's future wife. I can't remember what I said since I change it up every night based on what I pray for Dominic. 
But when I finished Dominic was silent for a moment and then -
"What if I'm a butcher?"
Coming from a vegetarian I was a little surprised and started laughing.
"Dominic, do you know what a butcher is? They are basically people who cut up meat."
"Oh, I thought it was a guy who never married."
"No, that's a bachelor."
"Oh, close enough. What if I'm one of those."

I think I said something along the lines of it didn't hurt to pray and God would understand. I was still too tickled about the butcher to be totally sure of my answer.

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