Thursday, August 7, 2014

Welcome Home!

We've REALLY been missing our kitty. The kids talk about him every day. The first time we went to the animal shelter we left without picking any cats out. We just couldn't do it. It was too soon.

But Monday we decided to try again. We fell in love with a very tiny grey female (5 wks old) and a sweet little orange male (8 wks old). Since Tolkien was named after an author we decided to name these two after authors as well. After a lot of discussion and a facebook poll the kids chose Lucy Maude Montgomery and C. S. Lewis. Little Lucy and Lewis joined us yesterday afternoon after a visit to the vet to alter some things. Two kittens is more than enough. =)

Little Lucy is a cuddle bug. She's so tiny that she can sit in the palm of my hand. She's a tiger striped grey. So pretty.
 Lewis will cuddle and LOVES to be scratched under his chin. But he also loves dancing around all of the kitchen cabinets we have outside on the porch. He's a ball of energy.
Caitlin picked out Lucy and is claiming her.
 Dominic picked out Lewis and is claiming him.
Since I have to pay for them, I think I'll claim both of them for myself. =)
We still miss Tolkie a lot. But these two little cuties are helping.

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