Thursday, August 21, 2014


My kids LOVE their school. Well, Dominic does. And Caitlin loved the half day she spent there back in the spring. So they had literally been counting down the days until school started again.

Monday morning they were so excited they could hardly stand still. I made pancakes and we were almost late for school because they were too excited to eat.
 At school. They were so anxious to get inside that I was shocked I even got this picture.
 Caitlin emptying her supplies into her desk. She LOVES her classroom and teacher.
 Jon has come with us for the last three years on the first day of school.
I love this man. He's such an awesome dad!
 Dominic is in the "big kid" classroom. He's quite proud of that fact.
My little guy is growing up.
Caitlin was so excited that she was almost crying when I left. But her teacher said she did great. The next morning the giddy had worn off and she was nervous. But after that she's been fine. I know Dominic has enjoyed school all year the last 3 years. So hoping Caitlin loves school just as much as he does. It definitely helps that we have a great school and wonderful teachers who make learning fun.

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