Thursday, June 4, 2015

Camp Meeting

This year at camp meeting we had a different element. We had my niece Leila stay with us all week. The kids loved it because she was tons of fun and I enjoyed not hearing about how there weren't any kids in the house for them to play with. 

Camp meeting is wonderful in its relaxing familiarity, but also in the new and exciting things we see and do every year.


Trolley rides

The race
All three kids chose to do the one mile this year. I was really bummed that I didn't get to see them come in since they do both races simultaneously. Really, really hoping that changes next year.

Eating out

That weird deathtrap of a bookstore we visit just to see if we'll survive

And walks around the lake with friends

Went swimming
It was freezing cold.

We also found some new "friends"

And saw a bald eagle

We are sad that our amazing week is over, but so glad for the wonderful experiences

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