Friday, June 5, 2015

Chores and amazing kids

Towards the end of the school year the kids begged me to change their daily chores. They were tired of them and at the very least wanted to trade.  I'd made a summer calendar with the idea that I'd be more intentional about what we did instead of coasting through like usual. In the words of Dominic this was Caitlin's first "real summer break". So I wanted to do some new things. We put in movie and pool days. But I also added some cooking classes, required book reviews, and new words (both English and ASL) to learn each week.

And on the very first day of our summer break (the week after camp meeting), I changed their chore charts. I sort of expected to hear some complaints. I'd added two extra chores to each one and the new ones were more difficult. So far I have woken up each day to find them either finished or almost finished with all of their chores. They are waking up at 6am to get them done so that we can have the whole day to read, play, cook, and have fun. 

And they are enjoying them. Caitlin had a moment of difficulty when she had to figure out how to clean the tub. She couldn't get the cleaner to spray out (her hands aren't strong enough) and she couldn't reach the other side of the tub. But the kids worked together. Dominic sprayed the cleaner for her and she just climbed in and got to work. When she finished, the tub shone.

I'm continually amazed and thankful for these tremendously awesome kids that God has blessed me with.

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